In PLASTIC PARADISE, Angela Sun reveals the effects of our rabid plastic consumption as she investigates The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.



"Intriguing...chilling film...Journalist Angela Sun offers valuable new insights."
The Hollywood Reporter

"Sun offers a fresh, new voice...and has made a film that can appeal to the masses."
Honolulu Pulse

"With fantastic archival footage, revealing modern images from the Pacific and thoughtful, fact-based explanation, PLASTIC PARADISE provides an educational, hip, and very entertaining look at some of the many ways plastic is affecting us all. I highly recommend checking this film out!"
Dr. Mike SanClements, Staff Scientist, The National Ecological Observatory Network

"Sun's documentary sends a clear and coherent message about one of the major environmental problems we face today. Her film articulates this message in a way that will resonate with anyone that cares about nature and the environment. This is a documentary that should be seen by educators, students, politicians, and environmentalists alike. Amazing work!"
Dr. Garen Baghdasarian, Professor of Biology, Chair of Life Sciences, Santa Monica College



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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
"The film everyone needs to see."